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We know what you’re thinking: What should my business be saying online? How can we build a connection with our target audience? Is the earth flat? The truth is, the answers to these “secrets” are all discoverable if you know where to look. Lucky for you, we brought telescopes and a treasure map. All of our services are a-la carte, so if you’d like one or all of the below, we can make it happen.


A wise man once said, “Experience trumps degrees, 9 times out of 10. Lucky for you, Lot 22 has both.”

Content Creation

It’s safe to say that our storytelling abilities are some of the best around. Our team of photographers, videographers, web developers, audio engineers, visual effects artists, motion designers, and graphic designers are capable of Spielberg-esque type films but also quick and easy sizzle videos to promote your business.

Social Media Management

Yes, we know how to use all Meta technologies including “The Facebook”. Also, we know how to follow the best practices and strategies for posting on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and their algorithms. Many companies ask us to post for them so they don’t have to.


Hire our professional team and industry-standard equipment, and you will see the difference. Video is king, and in today’s world, it’s a key to any successful marketing plan.


We offer everything from product photography to staff headshots. Photos are most valuable for websites and social media content.


Do you know what you need to say in an ad/website but aren’t sure how to say it? Let our wordsmiths take care of it.

Website Design

Let us take our expertise in graphic design and UX/UI interfaces to create something beautiful and easy to navigate. Your website is essentially your digital storefront, so it needs to look as good as it can be.

Logo Creation

After meeting with your decision-makers and discussing the vision for the company, our graphic design team can create an evergreen logo that your company to be proud of for years to come.

Digital Ad Design

A digital ad that doesn’t stand out is what we call a billboard. We create our ads to intentionally distract and attract eyeballs to your feed and website.

Brand Guide Development

A brand guide arms your business with a playbook for all future marketing endeavors to guide future website development, merchandise design, and social media graphics. It is an essential asset for any new business to have and includes all the branding materials that you’ll need to get started.

creative & design

In today’s world, having a brilliant and creative design strategy is mandatory to separate you from your competitors. Let us define the steps necessary to make your brand stand out from the pack, and listen as the other wolves begin to howl.


We’re experts about this stuff and we are not ashamed. Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

Website Development

Our team takes pride in developing fully functional websites for clients in all industries. We’re well-versed in all of the core coding languages and are capable of all website shapes and sizes.

Website Maintenance

Once the website is created, the job’s most likely not finished. We offer a monthly maintenance retainer to maintain, edit and expand your website as inevitable requests become desired.

Ecommerce Pipeline Creation + Management

If you sell products online or have any desire to do so, there’s a lot that goes into having the whole operation running smoothly. From linking Pick Pack and Ship providers to connecting Instagram shops, there are multiple best practices that must be followed along the way.

Data Storage Setup

Either your business does a good job of storing client information, logins, and other essential business information, or it doesn’t. We’ve done this for multiple companies, including our own because this is valuable information that should never go to waste.

Google Business Optimization

Setting up a “Google my Business” page is an essential search shortcut for potential customers to access your website, phone number, address, and reviews.


Search engine optimization is an undervalued art in this industry. If you want to separate yourself from your competition, your website needs to be organically optimized to show as early as possible in a related Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search.

SEM/Paid Digital Ads

Whether your target market is soccer moms in the carpool line looking for jewelry or young men across the country looking for a new pair of shoes, they’re reachable through Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Display Ads, and OTT ads. Creatively targeting potential clients is our home-cooked recipe for conversions, and we have more experience in this field than most agencies across the Southeast.

Google Analytics

Remember that treasure map we mentioned above? This is it. GA is the most powerful digital business analytics tool that most businesses don’t seem to take full advantage of. Our Google Certified experts will translate the data provided to optimize your marketing efforts all across the board. Click HERE to see our favorite moment from our CEO’s exclusive trip to Google HQ.

Business Consultation

Our CEO and Creative Director is one of the only agency owners around that has been in an entrepreneurs shoes. He has loads of hands on experience with managing human resources, payroll, insurances, contract negotiation, legal protection etc. and he is more than happy to share his situational advice.

Business Strategy

From working with everyone from national retailers to car dealerships, we know what we’re doing. This is our bread and butter, thanks to our extensive experience in the field.

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