Written by Gordon Stewart

CEO and Owner of  Lot 22 Media

CEO and Owner of Hoover Toyota

2014 has been quite a year. After achieving an impressive milestone of 35,000 followers, becoming the first Auto Dealer in the Nation to personally earn Google Partner status for search campaign management, gaining national attention from manufacturers and Tier 1 agencies, being invited again to high level meetings at Facebook and Twitter HQs, the year ended with a cover story and cover photo on a national publication: Auto Dealer Monthly.


The requests for advice on digital marketing have been streaming in and I love talking about this subject as it has grown near and dear to my heart. Why? Because I have found it to be an extremely valuable way to engage and retain customers at Hoover Toyota. The behavior analytics alone are priceless and provide feedback for me to learn and make adjustments on the fly. The learning occurs every minute too. Secondly, with my background in design, I love having the opportunity to think creatively and design succesful strategies that combine humor, relevance and compelling images. The recipe for our success at Hoover Toyota can be leveraged and applied to your business too. The approach is simple but…unique image creation, content generation, the right sensitivity over the frequency of merchandising and the complexities of audience targeting requires familiarity and experience.  Having earned direct access to Facebook and Twitter executives has also proven to be an amazing opportunity to gain deeper awareness and early access to products and stats before they are released to the public. So…I think it’s a good time to develop a solution to more formally help my friends and provide these services to others. We can work with any car dealer too (that is not in direct competition with Hoover Toyota of course) but I also look forward to working with all kinds of businesses as every one of my philosophies will prove applicable.

What is our philosophy? Be transparent. Be interesting. Pursue lead generation from genuine engagement and not overly-merchandising to people. Do not punish your followers but inspire them.  Have a distinctly different approach for marketing to non-followers. Take care of the people that follow you. Its a miracle they do!

Give us a call or an email to see if we can help. What has worked for us will work for you too.


10688220_10153002950676535_8644890332039385114_oPhotos by Joshua Weichman


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